Jan 022016

Seems that the State of Washington Human Rights Commission has decided that men and women can enter each others restrooms. This grew out of a case in the Seattle area where a YMCA was sued by a transgender person and won the case. Apparently it also applies to schools. We’ve emailed the local school district board of directors and asked them for information as well as legislators in our area to get their input as well.


What if a woman, with a permit to carry a weapon, felt threatened and endangered if a man entered the restroom? If she protected herself would she be arrested?

What has our society come to? LGBT account for 2% or less of the population and yet are dictating what the 98% can do. That is simply wrong. There are boundaries in the world and the majority have every right to choose what those should be. If and when elected officials fail to fulfill the needs to the voters they need to be tossed out. When the courts fail the people they need to be removed.

P.S. After some more thought we offer two signs for people to consider printing and taping on women’s bathroom doors. Or, change them to meet your need or views. Please note that one is words and the other is quite graphic SO DON’T DOWNLOAD, OPEN OR SHARE UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND THE GRAPHIC NATURE. BY OPENING OR DOWNLOADING IT’S YOUR CHOICE AND YOURS ONLY.

Columbia Basin Herald Article