Jan 092014

As I see the news this morning about Christie saying he didn’t know about the retaliation and subsequent road issues it makes me wonder whether this is any different from Obama claiming he didn’t know anything about Benghazi; the IRS; the ACA insurance loss; the failure to launch ObamaCare web site and other “mistakes”.

The press gives Obama a pass on his claims to not know anything about all the scandals and yet they jump all over Christie on the road/bridge issue. Understand that I am not condoning Christie’s actions and statements in any way. Indeed, Obama and Christie are, to me, cut from the same cloth (except a little more in Christie’s clothing). But why doesn’t the press treat Obama the same way? Answer: Because they love Obama and hate anything that is anywhere further right.

Christie is not…no way…a conservative. He’s a moderate to liberal Democrat calling himself a Republican. Be that as it may, the press shows it’s bias clearly by attempting to perform a political assassination on Christie as they seek to protect Obama and Hillary.

In the end one simple needs to ask whether the large number of scandals from Obama is bigger, more import and more critical than one item from Christie and then act accordingly.