Jan 012014

Growing up we are told to tell the truth. Some of us have told a lie or white lie and then had to tell another to cover the first and then a third to cover the 2nd and so on until we get caught in our web of lies. Some of us have tried to explain that we really didn’t lie but that someone misunderstood or misinterpreted what we said or did. Sometimes we are successful and more often than not success is dictated based on what the listener really wants to believe. If they really want us to be guiltless then they will find ways to interpret our responses or massage their views to judge us innocent.

Real life and the world of politics is the same. Politicians say what’s expedient a the time┬áto achieve their objective only later to use the same childhood tricks to misdirect or feign ignorance.

As a person and a people we need to listen and judge and then act. A lie is a lie no matter how you attempt to twist the facts. Truth is universal unless the agenda of the listener is superimposed.